mercoledì, giugno 28, 2006

The People Formerly Known As The Audience

"The people formerly known as the audience are simply the public made realer, less fictional, more able, less predictable. You should welcome that, media people. But whether you do or not we want you to know we’re here".
Dopo la BloggerCon IV - "empowering the users", Jay Rosen fa delle considerazioni, da par suo, su utenti, consumo e produzione di contenuti.
Ci sono i consumatori che vogliono decidere le modalità del consumo e quelli che vogliono produrre contenuti. Ma soprattutto, spiega Rosen nei commenti, nessuno sta dicendo che "the people" have the power now, and the media lost theirs. It says there's been a shift in power. (And there has, but only a partial one.) It also speaks of a new "balance of power," which is another way of talking about a limited change.

[Limited change...capito?]

Chez Dan Gillmor, c'è anche chi ha da ridire, come Seth Finkelstein: <<If I do volunteer journalism, but it is not propagated by A-list gatekeepers, and not appealing enough for the popular sites, it’ll be ignored. That’s “audience”. And what happens if the professional journalist just doesn’t care if he or she gets it wrong, as long as it brings in the crowd? That’s “audience”>>.

In effetti il dubbio, in giro per i commenti, è sempre il medesimo: come possono cambiare le cose se il singolo blogger scrive cose valide, ma non ha accesso a un ampio pubblico?

(Uhm...e La Coda Lunga?)

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