martedì, gennaio 25, 2011

Uno State of the Union "come non l'avevate mai visto"

Good afternoon,
I just started at the White House as a Senior Advisor to President Obama, and over the past few days we've all been increasingly focused on Tuesday’s State of the Union Address (9 p.m. EST). The President will talk about what America needs to do to create jobs today, make America more competitive tomorrow, and win the future for our children and our country.
And to make sure that you are part of the discussion about America's future, we've been working on a number of ways to use our online program to give you and Americans across the country a chance to participate in this important event and ask your own questions.  That starts immediately after the speech ends, when White House policy experts will be available at to discuss the issues the President raised in the speech and to take your questions and feedback.

David Plouffe, campaign manager della campagna Obama, torna a lavorare col presidente ed è lui ad annunciare lo State of the Union di stasera (9pm EST, le nostre tre di notte - se ne riparla domani).

Qui un paio di articoli su come il cosiddetto SOTU sarà interattivo:

The Obama White House's Full-Internet SOTU Press:
On Tuesday itself, several advisors, aides, and assistants will be Open for Questions. On Wednesday, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will, naturally be on Twitter.
At some point during the week, Vice President Joe Biden will be on Yahoo!
And continuing a practice we've seen the Obama administration engage in in the past, on Thursday, the 27th, several big-name administration officials will be mixing it up with online communities relevant to the policy areas in which they work.

The State of the Union is...Annotated.
The folks over on the White House new media team have just announced that, during tomorrow's State of the Union address delivered to a joint session on Congress, up and running on will be a simultaneous helping of visual aids intended to help shore up the presidential lesson being delivered live and in person on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

(qui ti giri, ti volti ed è subito campagna per il 2012, eh)

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