sabato, luglio 16, 2011

Quando il sindacato va in Rete

Cosa succede quando anche il sindacato si avvicina alla Rete?
Su TechPresident Nick Judd spiega come si sta muovendo in Rete il Service Employees International Union (SEIU), influente sindacato americano, e cosa può significare in termini di strategia:

It's worth noting for three reasons. First, SEIU locals are very politically active, so flag this as a decision to evaluate after this year's state and local elections and the 2012 presidential election. Secondly, if you're looking for an organization to track to see how a massive, membership-driven institution is changing what it does to leverage the power of the Internet, the SEIU's moves are probably ones to watch.
And, finally, while it's unclear if this had any affect on the decision, SEIU's staffing move comes after months of running battles over right-to-work legislation, budget cuts, or bills that curtail public-sector unions' collective bargaining abilities. During those battles, many unions, not just SEIU, turned to the Internet — and many locals have emerged with members battle-tested in online organizing as a result.

Qui tutto l'articolo.

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