venerdì, giugno 24, 2011

A chi conviene l'anonimato in Rete? Il caso Amina e altre storie

The fake Amina's blog was especially well done, with details that sounded authentic even to native Syrians. Its unmasked author said he was telling larger truths, but we have a name for this technique: fiction.
We also have a name for the technique of identity in this case: pseudonym. This is a much-used method online – not revealing one's own name but having a consistent identifier. It's one step away from outright anonymity, where there is no accountability whatever. As I wrote last week, the lack of accountability in such cases puts more responsibility on the audience. It is up to us to cultivate an abiding distrust for speech when the speaker refuses to stand behind his or her own words – that is, by using one's own name.
Sul Guardian Dan Gillmor parla del caso Amina, di credibilità e anonimato in Rete. Che non ci conviene eliminare.

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