lunedì, giugno 17, 2013

In difesa dei diritti in Rete (che sono diritti, punto)

MEP Marietje Schaake - PDF France 

Penso sia raro incontrare persone preparate, competenti e motivate come Marietje Schaake, europarlamentare europea, che si occupa di diritti umani, Rete ed economia digitale.
Ne prendo atto ogni volta che ascolto i suoi interventi, ultimo dei quali quello di giovedì scorso a PDF France.
Qui un brano di un suo recente editoriale sui temi di cui si occupa, alla luce delle ultime rivelazioni su PRISM e la NSA.

Digital freedoms and fundamental rights need to be enforced, and not eroded in the face of vulnerabilities, attacks, and repression. In order to do so, essential and difficult questions on the implementation of the rule of law, historically place-bound by jurisdiction rooted in the nation-state, in the context of a globally connected world, need to be addressed. This is a matter for the EU as a global player, and should involve all of society.
The good news is that we don’t need ‘cyber democracy’ to guarantee ‘cyber security’. In most cases the foundations for resilience are already in our existing laws and regulations. Technologies are an essential part of our daily lives, businesses, education, cultural experiences and political engagement. As a result, resilience and defense need to be integrated and mainstreamed to strengthen both freedom and security.
Qui il testo completo dell'editoriale, intitolato "In defense of digital freedom".

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