lunedì, agosto 24, 2009

Parole per cambiare il mondo

Dal blog di PDF Europe:

Writing as a first, basic and nonnegotiable step. Writing to think from the perspective of identity and individuality. Writing to be more, to be the voice of many, to bring together intentions, mend identities. Writing to be read, talked about, linked, distributed. Reading to transform the individual to the collective, the personal to the communal, to rebuild a collective story. Reading, because – as Harold Bloom writes – “only attentive and constant reading provides and fully develops an independent personality.”

Democracy needs voters but, more than that, readers. Reading can wage war against the submission to power, to the establishment, to injustice. Reading is at the front line for freedom. Reading the forbidden, the censored, the omitted. We need to build an alliance of readers for social change. Technology 2.0 allows us to bring back the power of words, discourse and debate because they are the raw material of networks and “conversation”. People made real in digital life in the form of twitters, feeds, posts, comments, links, text messages. People who are words. Words that are networks.

Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi, Words to change the world

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