martedì, gennaio 19, 2010

P.A. 2.0: in Gran Bretagna più fumo che arrosto. Ma occhio alla social innovation...

Il futuro della Pubblica Amministrazione è nella social innovation.

Lo spiega Dominic Campbell, fondatore di FutureGov, una delle più interessanti organizzazioni del settore, nella parte finale di una bella (e critica) intervista, di cui consiglio la lettura:

Most important and interesting of all is how these building blocks can be used to support public service users to make decisions for themselves, working with government to design and deliver public services that better meet the needs of the end user in which the user plays a key role.

Projects such as Southwark Circle, School of Everything and even some FutureGov projects like Enabled by Design that are leading the way in this field, working with or without government to demonstrate how the world could look in a logical progression of web 2.0 and citizen co-production. The idea that government needs to shift to act very much as an enabler of social change and action, not sole public service provider.

This will require a huge shift in mindset with a significant change management challenge ahead. It will require the government to learn to trust the people it is there to serve and work with them to redesign services to be far more co-produced and personalised. This is not about data, not about websites even. It’s about vision, brave leadership, and effective management, creating a government that is willing to prototype new approaches to public service delivery. So not much to ask then! ;-)

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