martedì, febbraio 28, 2012

The Good Wife e il mondo che cambia

Parlare del mondo che cambia, anche attraverso la tecnologia, a volte impercettibilmente, a volte silenziosamente: non dico sia il compito di una serie TV, ma apprezzo particolarmente chi riesce a farlo senza la strizzata d'occhio per far capire "che si è al passo coi tempi".

The Good Wife (CBS) ci sta riuscendo, soprattutto nell'ultima serie. Ecco cosa ne dice Emily Nussbaum sul New Yorker:
What has received less notice than the show’s complexity and its bold female characters is its unprecedented emphasis on technology. This season alone, Lockhart Gardner took a case involving the online currency bitcoin; used Twitter to upend British libel laws; handled a military case involving drone warfare; litigated crimes featuring violent video games and a “date rape” app; and dealt with various leaked-image disasters (a corporation fighting a viral video, an Anthony Weiner-like dirty photograph) 
[...] In this quality, “The Good Wife” stands in contrast not merely to other legal shows, with their “The Internet killed him!” plots, but also to the reductive punditry of the mainstream media, so obsessed with whether Twitter is making us stupid. Put bluntly, “The Good Wife” is to the digital debate as “The Wire” is to the drug war.

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