venerdì, gennaio 11, 2013

Appunti da Future perfect /1: Kickstarter e i peer networks

Sto leggendo Future Perfect di Steven B. Johnson in maniera un po' strana, rimettendo insieme pezzi e idee che avevo sparso su foglietti e file word.
Li metto qui, forse altrettanto disordinatamente.

Le statistiche di Kickstarter nel 2012
Su Kickstarter:
At last count, 48 percent of Kickstarter projects do not reach their funding goal, and thus raise zero dollars. This is, as they say, a feature, not a bug.   
All of which sounds like market mechanism in precisely the mode that Hayek described: the consumers collectively weeding out the bad ideas through the magic of paying for things.

 Certi meccanismi però non funzionano altrettanto bene in altri contesti:

To date, the most prominent examples of network architectures influencing real world change have been the decentralized protest movements that have emerged in the past few years: MoveOn, Arab Spring, the Spanish Revolution, Occupy Wall Street. These movements have been fascinating to watch and [...] they have succeeded brilliantly at expressing a popular dissatisfaction with the status quo, building awareness for a particular injustice, and on occasioni raising money. But they have all proved to be somewhat disappointing at actually proposing new solutions and making those solutions reality. [...]
Could it be that peer networks won't perform as well outside the grounds of Web 2.0 technology?

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