venerdì, marzo 08, 2013

Appunti da Future Perfect /2: ripensare le istituzioni

Ripensare le strutture delle istituzioni: non una via di mezzo, ma un nuovo paradigma.

Da Future Perfect:
Living strictly by peer-progressive values means rethinking the fundamental structures of some of the most revered institutions of modern life; it means going back to the drawing board to think about how private companies and democracies are structured. 
It is, as the political writer Micah Sifry likes to say, not a matter of finding a middle ground between Left and Right, but rather finding a way forward. This is why it is so important that these principles not be confused with simple Internet utopianism. There’s nothing radical in taking an existing institution and putting it on the Internet: that's a job for an IT department, not a political upheaval. 
What peer progressives want to see is fundamental change in the social architecture of those institutions, not just a web strategy. 

Chi lo ha capito dalle nostre parti?

(qui la parte 1 degli appunti)

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