domenica, agosto 31, 2008

Bill (flip-flops?) Kristol

Bill Kristol sul New York Times, 24 agosto 2008 (quando in pratica consigliava il ticket McCain-Lieberman):

with Biden’s foreign policy experience as a contrast, could McCain assure voters that the young Pawlenty is ready to take over, if need be, as commander in chief? Also, Biden is a strong and experienced debater. Pawlenty is unproven.
how about a woman, whose selection would presumably appeal to the aforementioned anguished Hillary supporters? It’s awfully tempting for the McCain camp to revisit the possibility of tapping Meg Whitman, the former eBay C.E.O., Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, or Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. But the first two have never run for office, and Palin has been governor for less than two years.

Bill Kristol sul prossimo numero di The Weekly Standard:

Palin is potentially a huge asset to McCain. He took the gamble–wisely, we think–of putting her on the ticket.

A key moment for Palin will be the vice presidential debate, to be held at Washington University in St. Louis on October 2. … And if Palin holds her own against Biden, as she is fully capable of doing?
(via un infervorato Andrew Sullivan e The Tin Man)

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