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30 anni di hacking per il Chaos Computer Club

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A settembre il Chaos Computer Club, il più importante gruppo di hacker d'Europa, ha compiuto 30 anni.
Su un'intervista a Andy Müller-Maguhn, uno dei membri della prima ora (si è unito al gruppo nel 1985, a 14 anni), racconta la nascita ed evoluzione del CCC.
The CCC in Berlin was born from the merger of two computer clubs, one in Hamburg and one in East Berlin. I came from Hamburg in 1989 when the government of East Germany was falling apart. We came into contact with the young talent in East Berlin. 

They had different ways of handling things, they improvised a lot. They also brought their humor and the experience of having already toppled a government. That’s very important, you should never underestimate how they perceived the West German government. For them it was just an intermediate step – at some point we would have to overthrow this government. It was just a matter of time. The structural differences between what existed in the East and the system in the West are not that great. In Berlin we have a saying that in a socialist or communist system you have humans abusing humans. With capitalism it’s the other way around. 
They also had this anti-authoritarian side, and they had come into close contact with the secret services. In Berlin, their experience with the Stasi (the East German secret police) has greatly enriched the CCC. The Stasi are now one of the best documented secret intelligence services that has ever existed. We have all their training manuals and we know the techniques they used to destabilize groups and sow doubt. Their contribution was essential to understanding the modern world, and the mess in Berlin between East and West, with Russian and American influences.

Dai primi incontri tra professionisti dell'informatica ai convegni, dall'esperienza negli anni della Stasi all'affermarsi come voce politica di livello nel panorama dei media tedeschi, il percorso del CCC è affascinante e ricco di spunti di riflessione.
Un'intervista da leggere.

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