martedì, maggio 26, 2009

Manuel Castells e il modello Obama in Europa

Oggi a Barcellona Manuel Castells ha tenuto un seminario su "politica e internet al tempo di Obama". Trovate qui alcuni appunti.

Alla domanda "Why cannot Obama’s model be extrapolated to Europe? Aren’t we seeing “politics 2.0″ in Europe?", Castells ha così risposto:

About transporting Obama’s model to Europe: it’s true that there is an Obamization of politics, and that there are shy approaches towards Web 2.0, but they are mainly technological, not conceptual. Everything remains under the control of the party machines, including the leaders — especially because there are no presidentialist elections. Power must be taken from political parties. And this will only happen under a sever catastrophic crisis of politics and political parties.

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