martedì, ottobre 11, 2005

Poor rich guy

(Trying to write in English. I apologize)
I surfed around, reading blogs, leaving ironical comments.
But the truth is that I'm angry, still angry. Angry with the newspapers, angry with the tv, angry with all the people talking about drugs since yesterday morning just because of him.
It's all like: "Poor rich guy! what's the matter? too much pressure on your weak shoulder?"
What it' all about? So I guess that it probably means that if you're a drug addict and you're poor you're just...what? a jerk? a stupid? a loser? Of course your life won't be analysed on tv and a psychologist won't try to find a reason why you started to use cocaine.
And I'm even more angry if I think about all the conversations at Converge South, the indipendence of mainstream media (does it exist anymore?), the community action, weblogs as a way to add some more point of views (or even as a substitute?)
It's always like that. Pretending that problem just doesn't exist until a famous person, a poor rich famous person has to deal with it.
What is you see is what you get.(?)

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FreakyEvilmen ha detto...

LOL you remind me of me...a while ago..Let it all go. You can't change the world..although I would likely try. This whole society is currupt and is probably going to hell...*Giggle*


Tiranno ha detto...

what if coke could contain... coke?

svaroschi ha detto...

...but coke containes...coke!!

Suzukimaruti ha detto...

You should read the hypocrisy on the Italian newspapers.
"La stampa" (who, by the way is owned by Lapo's family; I'm writing this for non-Italian readers) managed to write about Lapo's problems for 2 pages, without using the words "drugs" or "addiction".

Fiat press office pretended for an entire day that Lapo was not hospitalized and was ok. And then they admitted he was having "breathe problems" (maybe due to dusty environment...) :-)

All other media were speaking about Lapo's problems with life, pressure. He's being depicted as a victim of society who gets coke to handle the pressure of modern life.

The fact, for the media, is that if you are poor and you do drugs, you're an addict and a junkie.
If you are rich and famous, you are a "victim".

By the way: the real news is that Lapo has been caught agonizing in the bed of a 50-year transex man (ugly, by the way).

I'm not commenting his sexual lifestyle, because he's free to do what he likes and I've no problem with that.

But I'm quite concerned by the fact that Lapo manages Fiat brand image in the world.
How can a man with such a bad taste manage the aesthetics of an international brand? :-)

Suzukimaruti ha detto...

postilla: quann turnamm' a parlare italiano accà, paisà?

svaroschi ha detto...

Paisa', vedo che non hai affatto problemi con l'inglese.

Cmq, come vedi, gia' sono tornata a scrivere nella lingua madre.
(cerchero' di alternare per quanto mi e' possibile)