martedì, ottobre 11, 2005

Thank you

I'm writing in English - and I apologize for my errors - because maybe some people (people I met at Converge South, I mean) would like to read what I think about it.

I will write a post, probably tomorrow because I have a lot of homework and some deadlines today.

It was a great and fulfilling experience, beyond my expectations, beyond whatever I can tell, perhaps.
I felt as a part of the awesome Greensboro community.
I will write about it. Definitely.


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Brian Russell ha detto...

Great meeting you at ConvergeSouth. So glad you came all the way to North Carolina. I'll try and keep up with your blog by using google to translate. :)

svaroschi ha detto...

And I will try to write in English!!:-)

thank you!!

coturnix ha detto...

Great meeting you in Greensboro. Write an occasional post in English if you can, please.